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Which person best describes you?


I want to build a site for my business but I don't know where to start.”

print graphic designer

I am a print designer trying to make myself more marketable.”

web developer

I need help making the websites I develop look more professional.”

web design student

I think web design is cool and I would like to learn more about it.”

I can help bring clarity to your code.

How to Create a Website

Before anyone can begin asking the question how they first should ask themselves the what and why questions first. What type of website would you like to create? Why is your website important or needed? Answers to these questions will begin to…Continue reading

Are You Suffering from Charset=UTF-8 Blindness?

There are a many roads that can lead to becoming a web designer. Some start off as programmers and then see the need to “design” graphics for the sites they are building. While others start out learning about color, kerning, and strong…Continue reading